SeanTech, process engineering, d. o. o., more than 70 years of tradition in the process industry.

We are one of the most qualified and recognizable Slovenian engineering companies, we are engaged in research, development and sale of process equipment and process engineering.
We are a driven team of experienced professionals with many years of experience and excellent references. We specialize in the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions for customized process equipment, and also in explosion-proof execution (ATEX).

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  • Development of equipment tailored to individual needs and requirements
  • High-quality, reliable and effective process equipment
  • Completely automated process equipment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training of users
  • Training of maintenance staff
  • After-sale customer support
  • Servicing


Our customers come from process industries with traditional technologies, as well as those with the most advanced technologies, manufacturing top-level products for the chemical industry (production of energy materials, colored powder, sealing masses, magnets and more), the composite glass reinforced plastic pipes (GRP pipes) industry, foundry industry, the industry of technical ceramics, braking masses and composite products, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry (production of solid form drugs, galenic laboratories), the rubber processing industry, and many other branches.

Key advantages of SeanTech equipment:

  • Customer-tailored design in compliance with the technological requirements for the customer’s product or process
  • Compliance with EU standards, with Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX),
  • Most advanced top-level technical solutions and composite parts of renowned European suppliers
  • PC-/PLC-control and (video-)monitoring of the technological process
  • Very high parameters of regulation accuracy
  • Reliability and long technical life period
  • Robust structure, precise machining and reliable design
  • Our own software development


  • Comprehensive offer of reliable, robust and effective customer-specified process equipment
  • Our own development with many years of experience and references
  • Personal approach to customers and of their technological-technical challenges
  • High level of quality and functionality
  • Positive user experience at all levels (managers, technologists, operators, maintainers) thanks to:
    • User-friendly design and adherence to industry standards
    • Compatibility with the ERP industry-specific program solutions (Industry-Specific ERP Software Solution)
    • Customer discretion
  • Process equipment as an indispensable tool for the improvement and development of new products, technologies and production processes
  • Flexibility, innovation, non-conventionality
  • More than 70 years in operation under its own trade mark – Gostol
  • Satisfied customers


Slovenia, Europe, former Yugoslavia, Middle East, Russia, Asia and elsewhere


  • Completely or partially automated machines and production lines for industrial, pilot or laboratory implementation
  • Robotized lines
  • Equipment for various technological processing of a single-phase or multi-phase compound in individual industries, applying the processes of mixing, kneading, granulation, coating, polishing, graphitization, homogenization, formatting into various end forms, cutting, milling, crushing, extrusion and drying, rolling, tempering, vacuuming, inertization, winding, vulcanization and more
  • Equipment for various customer-specified manipulative or machining processes
  • In compliance with EU standards, Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), 21 CFR part 11, GMP, c GAMP.